About Valerie R Lawson

Valerie Lawson is a young adult contemporary author who dabbles in middle grade mysteries and practices the art of cursing while driving. She has been known on occasion to wield sarcasm like a +5 Holy Avenger. In her previous life, she believes she was a Mayan goddess as evidenced by her love of chocolate and Javier Bardem. (She recognizes that Javier is Spanish, but she doesn’t care.) She lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, with her husband and two children who suffer through her delusions of grandeur and bouts of madness with grace.

She can also been found blogging from time to time with a group of fabulous writers at The Great Noveling Adventure.


  1. Leonard G says:

    Valerie, you’ve been nominated for a beautiful blogger award – Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. cricketmuse says:

    Sounds like we are the same pathway. I have magazine credits, but I am actively pursuing get some of my manuscripts go from files to books. I’ll be checking back on your contests.

  3. Well, my dear, I’ve nominated you for the “Sunshine Award” which I see you’ve already received….but that’s okay…..it’s all about the recognition, right! So Congrats and soak up that SUNSHINE….again! paula ♥

  4. It’s Blot Tag, and you’re “IT” Feel free to participate (or not). Your blog is fun to read no matter what! http://literarytiger.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/blog-tag-and-im-it/

  5. Kim says:

    Hey Valerie – can I buy your books yet? I don’t see a link to them …

  6. your blog is awesome…i enjoyed it..do check my mine http://www.dasweetestgalleva.wordpress.com

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