I find myself at a loss for words on World Autism Awareness Day. Thank fully, another parent found all of the words I was looking for. After I read this post, I was so moved, I didn’t need to add anything else. This is life with autism.

a diary of a mom

Diary of a Mom – 9 hours ago. ~ I wish I could really have captured how beautiful this looks. There are blue candles flickering in every window of our home tonight in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. As I’ve done my best to explain to my beautiful girl, the light serves as a reminder that people with autism need our help with some things so that they can do what we know they are capable of – which is ANYTHING. I have no doubt that even though it doesn’t appear to register yet, the message seeps in little by little – that she is loved, valued and above all, believed in. Like · · Share 199 people like this.View all 22 comments.


I’ve tried to write this four times. I’ve scrapped everything and begun again each and every time. There’s just no way to capture…

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