#writemotivation wrap up

March was basically my first month writing this blog and participating in the #writemotivation challenge not only helped me learn to balance my actual writing time with my platform building time, it helped me connect with others going through the same challenges and struggles that present themselves to unpublished writers. This has been so much fun and I love the feedback I’m getting about the blog – on the site itself and in person at conferences or writers’ meetings. You guys are so awesome. I don’t really know much about the numbers, but I’ve had over 600 viewers in the first months alone. And that doesn’t suck.

Having goals really helps me keep my butt in the chair, doing what I’m supposed to be doing – what I love to do more than anything else. Writing. So here is the final recap on my March goals.

My goals for March:

  • Complete my novel revision: I’ve done most of the heavy-lifting on this goal, only a bit of fine-tuning left near the end. I’ll call it done.
  • Post two blog entries each week: Definitely done. Woohoo!
  • Update my journal project and keep it current: Not much progress on this. Can’t win them all. I will set this down as a goal for April.

I’d like to thank K.T. Hanna for creating #writemotivation and for keeping us all motivated throughout the month with our tweet chats and for just being an all-around wonderful supporter of us writers struggling right on the cusp of success. That may be the hardest place to be. I’d also like to thank all of the other #writemotivation participants who gave so much support to me and listened to me rant when things were frustrating. You guys rock. Good luck in April! And keep on writing!

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