Cupid Was Very Good To Me – End of the Surprise Agent Invasion

As some of you may know, I participated in the Cupid’s Literary Connection Surprise Agent Invasion Contest. The details of which are here in this previous post. Well, the contest has officially ended and I was indeed struck by Cupid’s arrow a few times – such a giddy feeling! The contest as a whole was so much fun. It was also incredibly intense and nerve-wracking as well. I met some fantastic new writer friends. We bonded over on Twitter where we totally obsessed about what agents would stop by, WHEN agents would stop by, would the current agent browsing through the list pick our entry (please, please,PLEASE!!!) We really knew how to obsess. But the best thing we did was offer up support and congratulations to each other when an agent made a request – and there were many requests! There were a total of 86 requests made by 12 agents and 1 editor who stopped by for surprise invasions during the three week period that our entries were posted. Not bad! I’d definitely call that a huge success.

I learned some valuable things about my writing from the agent comments on my entry, mostly that they loved my first page and that I apparently lack the ability to write tight, clear queries. (I kind of already knew that part; I loathe the query.) It was a good thing my writing was strong enough on the first page for a few agents to over-look my atrocious query. As I am always looking for ways to improve my craft, I decided that I should suck it up and dispense with the query-loathing and master the damned thing. Several writing friends have already sent me in the direction of their favorite query sites and given me helpful tips, but I am always open to hearing more from others who excel in this area.

In the column of even more exciting news, hot on the heels of her vastly successful Surprise Agent Invasion Contest, our lovely, hard-working Cupid has a new contest starting May 3rd called “The Writer’s Voice”. She is patterning it after the hit show “The Voice”. Entries will be picked based on their queries and first pages and then a few select coaches will get involved to help the chosen candidates improve their entries for the final round where agents will pick their favorites and request to see their manuscripts. One major change in this contest is that you do have to have a blog to enter. Check out the details if you are interested in entering. It should be another amazing contest.

For me, I plan on watching this one and cheering on the hopeful competitors. I still have one agent reviewing my manuscript and once I brush up my query skills, I will start submitting. I may have a few more agents requesting soon. Who knows. Good luck to the new competitors!

11 thoughts on “Cupid Was Very Good To Me – End of the Surprise Agent Invasion

    1. well get to work, sister! she’s having fun stuff like this all the time. maybe you can catch the next one. see you at the next #writemotivation?

  1. Congrats on a successful contest! I was so excited to see the requests on your entry – I’d still love to read it myself. The concept is great, and all the snippets I’ve read are very intriguing and polished.

    I will most likely be hitting up The Writers Voice contest. At least that one is over pretty quick – you know within a week whether you get on a team. Annnnd done! My nerves would have never survived the Agent Invasion. 🙂

  2. My writing group did a query night last summer. I intended to blog about it but never hit publish! Exchanging queries as a group, instead of one-on-one, was so helpful. We learned from each other’s comments.

    The Cupid contest looks awesome but my finished manuscript isn’t in any of those genres. Boo hoo! I’ll keep my eye on future contests, though.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my “Hammocking” post. I’m definitley checking out your Voice contest. What a great idea!
    Happy Pages,

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