May is here and #writemotivation is back – I gotta have goals to score.

♫♪ You gotta have gooooaaals! ♪♫

Okay, I don’t sing well in front of others, so I should stop now. I don’t know about you, but I do better when I set writing goals, especially goals with deadlines, and tell others about them. Otherwise I can’t be trusted. It’s like asking me to give up eating chocolate and then leaving me unsupervised with a bag of peanut M&Ms. I’d find myself in the nearest broom closet scarfing down half the bag as soon as everyone’s back was turned. Besides, that’s a terrible goal. Who can live without chocolate?

K.T. Hanna is once again calling on us to shout out our goals for all to hear and then support our fellow #writemotivation participants as we valiantly leap forward and work our butts off to reach our May goals. Feel free to join in on our twitter chat at #writemotivation as we cheer each other on in our successes and help each other get through the harder times.

Here are the goals I hope to achieve this month:

1. Revise the query for my completed YA manuscript until it’s tight enough to bounce a quarter off the sucker.

2. Research prospective agents to whom I want to submit my completed YA manuscript.

3. Once items one and two have been successfully achieved, submit to at least three agents at a time.

4. Get cracking on the next YA manuscript I have planned so I don’t check my inbox every thirty minutes awaiting responses to my submissions.

I should add that I will need to keep my pantry stocked with emergency stress-reducing aids to make it through this process. Chocolate is the number one survival aid and wine has also been recently suggested, although with my tendency to get migraines, I think a collection of fine beers will have to substitute.  Are there any other stress-reducing suggestions out there? Let me hear them. This is going to be a long month.

9 thoughts on “May is here and #writemotivation is back – I gotta have goals to score.

    1. nice. i do love me some yoga. will try the other option in extreme circumstances, like within a glass case and “use only in case of emergency”.

    1. i MAY have adapted that from ♫ you gotta have friends♪ but you get the drift. it was a dated song that needed a fresh twist anyway. and thanks for the candy idea…adding to growing grocery list.

  1. I have to set goals for the next day, and even then it’s tough to stay on task. I don’t keep M&Ms in the house. But I have not forgotten which cupboard the chocolate chips are in….

  2. Yay! That’s so exciting that you’re ready to query. I wish you the best of luck!

    There’s no way I’d give up chocolate – definitely my number one stress buster. Another one is dancing in the silliest way possible to 80’s music.

    Wishing you a very productive #writemotivation month,

    1. ooh! dancing it out could be a good one to add to the anti-stress repertoire. nice! thanks so much for stopping by and good luck with your goals as well!

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