Where is the Snooze Button? (#writemotivation check-in)

I have inherited many things from my dad that I am grateful for, but my appalling eyesight is not one of them. A friend was once commenting on the actual prescriptions for my glasses versus my husband’s. He said without our glasses on, “If you want to sneak up on Tim, just walk up on his left side.”ย  Then when asked about me, he said, “Oh you can just come straight at her, she won’t even see you until it’s too late.”


So you’d think my husband would remember that he can’t do things like rearrange the contents of the shower because he’s basically married to a blind woman. (Unless he thinks it’s funny to watch me hold the bottles mere centimeters away while water and bubbles careen down my face, further obscuring my field of vision – ha ha ha. Are you laughing right outside the shower where I can’t see you? That is supremely stupid. You know I am a vengeful woman!) On most days, I give him the benefit of the doubt, because I can understand his confusion as I do I wear contacts part of the time and he does have ADHD, so minor things like my safety slip through the cogs of his memory wheel.

Unfortunately, this morning’s incident I should not blame on my distractable husband. My alarm went off way before I was ready to wake up – as it often does – so I was trying to track it down to hit the world’s greatest invention, the snooze button. The problem was, I couldn’t find it. I could definitely hear the incessant beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep, and my roaming hand was desperately knocking over all of the stacks of books next my bed in search of the offending sound. At last I found it and gained that glorious ten extra minutes. All it cost me was the loss of my sight.

Ten minutes later, when the final alarm went off, I couldn’t find my glasses. At first, I blamed the poor ADHD riddled husband. “You can’t hide a blind woman’s glasses! What’s wrong with you?” He mumbled something incoherent from the shower – completely useless, not coming to my rescue. *sigh* I had to get down on all fours and put my face two inches from the carpet to hunt for my prosthetic eyes. Finally my hands closed over the familiar shape. I yelled out to the shower, “You are so lucky I found them!” Even though I’d figured out by this point what had happened, and that I shouldn’t blame him, I decided in that state that I was going to anyway. I slumped over in relief. Those few seconds of desperate groping are always so panicky for me. I hate not being able to see. I would definitely rather be deaf than blind any day, although I would miss music something awful, so I’m greedy and I’d rather keep them both, thanks all the same.

So how is your week going?

Oh yes! The #writemotivation goal check. Here goes:

1. Revise the query for my completed YA manuscript until itโ€™s tight enough to bounce a quarter off the sucker. Progress was made! Check.

2. Research prospective agents to whom I want to submit my completed YA manuscript. Progress made here as well! Check. I added a few more agents to my submit list.

3. Once items one and two have been successfully achieved, submit to at least three agents at a time. YES! Giant double check. I submitted to three more agents last week and received one very positive response with a partial request and one form rejection. I’m still waiting to hear on the other four.

4. Get cracking on the next YA manuscript I have planned so I donโ€™t check my inbox every thirty minutes awaiting responses to my submissions. This is the only goal I didn’t make any progress on last week. I want to put more energy into it this week as I have some definite plans for it coming up. I just signed up for the SCBWI LA Conference and I want something new for my critique submission. The deadline is in three weeks so I better get cracking! Anyone else going to the LA conference? I’d love to meet you there.

17 thoughts on “Where is the Snooze Button? (#writemotivation check-in)

  1. Haha, I am the same way without my glasses. It’s miserable – and I’d totally rather lose my hearing than my sight. I actually wrote a blog post on that once, hehe.

    YAY on your goals, you’re doing so awesome! Congrats on the partial ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m like your husband, with a bad left eye. And after reading your experience, I’m so glad I have one good eye to keep the panic at bay.

    Ooooh, I’m so jealous that you’re going to the big SCBWI conference. Every year I contemplate going, and every year I just decide it’s too expensive. Best of luck getting your submission ready!

    1. yes, it is quite a commitment. i haven’t gone since 2008, although i’ve been dying to go back every year. thanks for the well wishes, too!

  3. It’s a good thing we have husbands to blame. My DH used to blame the boys for not putting his tools back when they were done. They are both out on their own and guess what? His tools still get lost.

    1. ha! that sounds so familiar. my husband is always misplacing his glasses. like who would take them? i say the house elves he keeps under appreciating.

  4. Being a bit myopic myself, I totally relate to your blog. As for your checklist–Hooray! I’ve had a similar checking off, including agent/editor yes and no responses. I’ve not been to the larger SCBWI conferences, but even the smaller ones are ever so necessary to put the push back into the motivation aspect of writing.
    Happy Pages,

  5. I *wish* I was going to the conference… It’s conference insanity everywhere in the writing world, it feels like, and now I’m getting the bug. In July, I’m going to be heavy-sighing all over the place on Comic Con days.

    Gah! You nominated me for an award! I need to go take care of that… *scurries off*

    1. i know exactly how you feel. i’ve been in that same spot the past few years. the nice thing is, most of the big conferences have content available online for those who can’t be there. SCBWI does for sure – NOT the same as being there, but at least you can glean some knowledge from the speakers.

      my writer friend jerry is going to one comic con or another every other week and it’s making me really want to check one out. last week he was at the dallas one and he got so excited when stan lee walked past him. geek heaven!

      1. Oh, lord – STAN FREAKING LEE? I’d die. I geeked out enough at the Denver StarFest when Brent Spiner walked by me. Ultimate moment, though, is of course going to Comic Con a few years ago and getting a hug from Edward James Olmos. It still makes me squee.

      2. i know! the godfather of marvel himself. i get just as excited when i see authors i know or i ride in the same elevator with them – which happens a lot at the LA conference. i try to keep my cool and act normal…for me anyway.

      3. Hee! I usually just give myself props if I don’t gush all over them and babble.

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