The Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch

Where is everyone today? Yikes! I almost forgot! It’s time for the Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch! No wonder it’s been so quiet! If you don’t know what it is, for a few hours TODAY ONLY!!!! you get to post a twitter pitch of your COMPLETED manuscript where a select group of agents will be watching. That’s right! You thought it was hard to convey the essence of your novel down to 250 words in a query, try 140 characters! It’s quite exhilarating! Besides, what have you got to lose! Follow this link to Monica B.W.’s blog and see the details. Follow the action at #WVTP.

Oh! And just for fun, Here’s my Twitter pitch:

Stuck in treatment, labeled a drunk runaway Sara’s pleas of sanity go unheard. She must act crazy & break rules to survive life inside.#WVTP

That #WTVP feed was moving like lightning – so hard to follow! I’m sure I missed some really great pitches. I saw plenty of others and a fellow writer actually documented all of the winning pitches. Check out GB Skye’s list here. Also, if you weren’t able to make it to the twitter pitch, or if you’d like help honing your own pitch, Becca C  is keeping her very helpful Building Your Own Twitter Pitch post open. It’s an excellent place for writers to help each other. You’ll get great feedback there. I saw many pitches in the feed that had really improved after they’d received feedback from her post.

7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch

    1. that is exactly what they do for me. knowing other writers are out there struggling through the muck, just like me, receiving rejections, just like me, cursing queries, just like me, helps me get my butt in the chair and get to work..and you’re very welcome.

  1. So did anything happen on Twitter? I popped in a few times, but didn’t notice much movement with the agents. I stayed out of the action this time.

    1. that feed was moving so fast it was incredible. and yes, there were definitely some agent requests. some even fought over a couple of manuscripts – politely of course. mine got a few friendly nods from fellow writers, and a retweet, which was very cool, but with the time difference, i almost missed it myself. i just got mine posted in on the last hour. no luck with the agents for me, although i did chat with some. they are always so friendly and funny.

      i did meet a lot of new writer friends that i’m now following, so that is definitely a plus. it was another new experience. i’m glad i tried it.

  2. Thanks (albeit belatedly because I’m terrible) for the plug! It was total insanity on that hashtag. I played a few times toward the end, but DUDE. Insane.

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