Remember, Remember the First of November…Nanowrimo is here!

Emergency Candy

I am so completely surprised that November snuck up on me. I swear it was just summer. Actually, here in Oklahoma, it’s still been in the 80’s until recently so I can be forgiven for my confusion on that point. I’ve had my head down working in my writer’s cave so long, I’ve lost all sense of time and place. I almost missed Halloween. We didn’t even decorate the house this year – didn’t stop those freeloading cuties from ringing the bell. Good thing I did manage to buy some treats. (And extras of, course. They will be needed this month.)

I have so many things going on right now that I can hardly manage without skipping a night of sleep here and there – and that’s usually a bad idea because it always catches up with me. I become a brainless zombie that makes really bad online purchases. November is busy for me in a normal year, with Thanksgiving and my birthday week always colliding and then we usually travel to my folk’s place during that same time – it’s just nuts. Traveling with an autistic child and figuring out what to do with the two attention-seeking dogs is enough of a stressor alone. This year, I’ve added to the chaos.

I have a novel revision retreat this weekend that I’ve been preparing for all month which has meant reading and critiquing two other novel manuscripts, complete with detailed notes on plot structure, character development, dialogue, and voice. I’m just about finished, but there’s a few down to the wire things left to do. Once I’m there at the retreat, I’ll be able to relax and it will be an enjoyable three days of writing bliss with my friends along two editors from New York who survived the worst Hurricane Sandy had to offer and were gracious enough to rearrange their flights so they could attend our gathering.

Another major thing I’m working on is completing the final revision of my YA manuscript that an agent is waiting to see. I am so close and I really want to send it out this week, but I know I need to wait until it’s ready and in the best shape possible. So when I see another section that needs more work, it’s frustrating. I just want to be done already! Gah! I hope I can send out very soon.

Finally, I’ve signed up for National Write a Novel Month. Most of us just call it nanowrimo, or nano for short. It’s a really fun way to work on a first draft at a frenzied pace with a group of people cheering each other on. I need to get started on my next manuscript and once I send off the manuscript to the agent, nano will the best way to get my mind off of the agony of waiting to hear back from her. If you’re also doing nano, hit me up on your buddy list under litbeing and we’ll make it through this crazy thing together. I’ll be participating in #writemotivation this month as well, but mostly I’ll be keeping my goals related to nano, so that shouldn’t be too much of an added strain.

One final note of business, the die of fate were rolled for my Darcy Pattison book giveaway and three was the magic number. Sharon Martin won the signed copy of Desert Baths. Congratulations, Sharon! I’ll see you this weekend at the retreat and bring you your prize.

So are you doing anything crazy this month? Participating in nano? Let me hear from you.

13 thoughts on “Remember, Remember the First of November…Nanowrimo is here!

  1. Yup, doing NaNo and it snuck up on me too! I’ve absolutely swamped by end of the quarter projects to grade. Friday after I post grades I’ll get my NaNo hat on.

  2. I love the emergency candy, Valerie! I’m not doing NaNo (and I’ve never done it) but I do expect to have a busy month–two readings I’m organizing, for one thing, and a couple new blog interviews in the works. I also hope to make more room in my life for my novel, which has been neglected since August, when I got my small press started.

    1. ha! emergency candy can be very inspiring when it’s crunch time – only a few more pages and i can have some m&m’s! so excited about your book project. sounds like you’ve got a lot planned for it this month. so great that you’ll get back to writing, too..

      1. I need to get back to writing! The publishing stuff is so much fun but I miss waking up thinking about my story, and I definitely miss my writing sessions. Writing press releases isn’t the same!

  3. Wow, you have a lot going on. Enjoy your writer’s retreat. It sounds amazing. My dream (no, my goal) is to finally attend one in 2013. Good luck with everything this month. I am in Louisiana, and it is still really hot here as well.

  4. I just added you on NaNo as a buddy. I’m chill78 🙂 That’s so awesome you’re working on edits for an agent!! Best of luck on that and I hope it goes really well. I just finished revisions on my first MS that I’ve been querying and then rewrote completely, and was getting so tired of seeing things that I wanted changed with each read through, so it’s nice to feel that’s set aside. I know how you feel about just wanting it done already!

    Good luck this month 🙂

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