Hooray! The new Jim Butcher book is finally out. If you haven’t read the Harry Dresden series, I’d encourage you to take a look at it. Butcher wrote the first book right here in Oklahoma while attending the University of Oklahoma. True story.

Et in arcaedia, ego.

Today is the official release date for Cold Days by Jim Butcher

In yet another engaging urban fantasy that leavens apocalyptic threats with smart-ass humor, Butcher just keeps upping the ante for wizard Harry Dresden, appearing in his 14th novel after 2011’s Ghost Story. Being killed has barely slowed down the Chicago PI, who now serves as the Winter Knight. In that role, Dresden operates as hit man for Mab, the queen of air and darkness, who is forbidden from killing mortals. Not only is his liege capricious and deadly, but Dresden soon finds himself up against new supernatural foes, not least the Redcap, who dyes his headgear with the blood of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. The greatest danger, however, may be from Dresden’s new assignment from Mab: to murder her daughter, Maeve. Plentiful backstory allows newcomers to have little trouble getting caught up in the…

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    1. i had to wait until tim was finished, then i had to knock him over the head every time he tried to read me something or tell me what was happening – he’s the worst at spoilers. i just finished reading it today. butcher’s so good at the whole, “but wait, there’s more…” bit. just when you think you know what’s going to happen, you really don’t. damn him. next book will be forever. should have read slower.

  1. Ack, Tim needs a gag!! I had to keep biting my tongue while a couple friends were still reading it. I love how everything gets more convoluted with each book. Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…

    1. ha! nice. some how he managed to survive the time it took for me to read the book without divulging anything major. he shall live to see another day, but next time, i get to read first!

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