I’ve been hiding deep in my writer’s cave over the past few weeks, but this tragedy and the issues that have risen as a result have had a direct impact on all of us. I can assure you that my son is so loving and so empathetic that it is very difficult for him to see anyone in pain. He is bothered when babies cry. To say that he lacks emotional connection to the rest of us because he lacks the communication skills to express himself is just plain ignorance.

As always, Jess expresses this and shares more resources on her blog than I ever could, so I’ve reblogged her post on the subject here.

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Right in the middle of the comments on that post tonight was this one.

“It’s not a myth and you know it. It may not be the case with your child but a huge majority lack that feeling for others and themselves while being oddly disconnected and at the same time brilliant. We have a big problem coming up with these kids and it is very very scary.”

And someone ‘liked’ that comment.

And then someone else did too.

My post this morning about how dangerous it is to allow society to dehumanize our children? To allow the misperception that because they don’t necessarily express empathy in the way that we expect to see it then it must not exist to stand unchallenged?

Here it is, my friends.

This is the result.

Our children — our beautiful, delicious, and yes, challenged children — are something to be afraid…

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