May #writemotivation begins! Let’s get some motivation up in here!

bake sale
One of three tables filled with tempting treats. All sold out by the end of the day.

April was incredibly busy for me. What with the massive amount of work I put into the pre-conference days – Pitch Clinic, Twitter activity on the conference hashtag, escorting speakers with plane delays to the hotel (helping Jerry find his speaker that he lost), competing with Jerry for best nerd shirt (I won, of course) –  juggling a fund-raising event for our autism team at the same time was pushing it. Why stop there? Let’s throw a fund-raiser for our fund-raiser! Bake sale time. Nothing like wading through frosting-covered counters and rows of chocolate delights you aren’t allowed to eat. TORTURE! What I do for you people! (I may have done some taste-testing on a rather wonky-looking chocolate/raspberry filled cupcake. It passed inspection.) I still found time for writing, critiquing, and revising, but I almost didn’t survive the month.

Okay, SLIGHT exaggeration.

I had an amazing time at the conference, met some new writers, and received an excellent critique on a new project I can’t wait to get into. We also raised more money than ever for our autism team AND had more out-of-towners walk with us than any other year – score! So all the craziness was worth it.

My body did rebel against the unusually high level of activity and stress, coupled with the constant weather shift provided by Mother Nature’s crap shoot where we vacillated between bright sunny skies and brooding thunderstorms, mixed with hail and maybe some ice and snow just to freak people out a bit. Well played, Mother Nature, well played. My sinuses experienced some sort of implosion/invasion/infection. Not pretty. I was down for about a week, making very ugly bodily noises and whiny demands of my family, who somehow still took care of me and still loved me. If the roles had been reversed, I may have been tempted to apply the pillow over the face therapy. Hold firmly until breathing and complaining cease.

But I digress…

photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. April was a very busy month for many others in our #writemotivation gang, several of whom participated in either Camp Nano or the A to Z challenge or both! (Those crazy kids.) It was a good thing I was mistaken in thinking that April would be another #writemotivation month. No one had the time! Our fearless leader and brand new mommy of the cutest, cheekiest baby, KT Hanna, used April as a test month for getting back on her writing schedule and juggling the youngling’s needs. (Oh, those cheeks! So schmooshy!)

Although she’s back in the writing saddle, it looks like we’re still going to do #writemotivation every other month for awhile. If you didn’t make the deadline for May, you can still set goals for yourself and join us on Twitter at the hashtag #writemotivation anytime to ask questions, ( about good names for characters, history of dinosaurs, etc.) or if you need help with motivation, ( maybe you want someone to join you in a writing challenge for the evening to keep you on track for your own personal writing goal or maybe you just need to know that someone else out there is banging their head against their keyboard in frustration, too), or for whatever you need, we’ll be there to help push you through. That’s what #writemotivation is all about. Try it out and then you can sign up in July and join us for the complete #writemotivation experience.

(Just FYI, Camp Nano will also be up and running again in July if you missed it or were too busy for the first camping experience.)

My goals for May? Why, so kind of you to ask. Here they are:

1. Complete latest draft of Museum Crashers (MG mystery) and prepare for submission.
2. Research more literary agents for submission of Institutionalized (YA contemporary) and send out to five of them.
3. Make some progress on first draft of Pretty Vacant (YA contemporary). Develop main character fully and decide which way story arc will go.
4. Exercise 3 times each week.


Let’s hear from you. Got any goals?

12 thoughts on “May #writemotivation begins! Let’s get some motivation up in here!

  1. WOW WOW WOW! You had a mighty busy busy busy month! I don’t know how I would have been able to handle it but I’d love to have tried! 😀
    Good luck on those goals, and if you need some cheering, you know where to find me! ❤

    1. yes i do! and i loved your a to z challenge posts, they were so creative and made me think maybe i could do something like that next year. totally different, just inspired by your awesomeness.

  2. Wow, what a busy time for you! I’m sorry you were under the weather but glad to hear everything apart from that went well. And I love your MG title 🙂 Best wishes with your progress this month!

    1. hee hee! thanks. i’m really enjoying the MG right now. such a nice change after working on something so dark and heavy for the last few years.

  3. Wow, you had a busy April, and those cupcakes look yum!
    And good point with goal #4, I need to get back into my daily walks and add in more exercise too.
    Good luck with your progress this May. 🙂

    1. yes, those cupcakes went fast. (i may have taste-tested one of them, too.)

      i figured the exercise might help boost my lagging energy and help my sad, beaten-down immune system fight back a little harder next time the spring plague tries to take over my body.

  4. With school in the “is-that-June-around-the-corner” mode my writing is fairly nil. Trying to muster energy for even the simplest blog entry is tough, let alone getting to my regular projects. My goals are surviving the school year and then sleeping for a week and then maybe, just maybe, I can open up my project files (after blowing off the dust). I admire your energy! And congratulate you on your successes. You are an inspiration 😉

  5. *loves* And I thought my life was hectic lol. Also, Kami and her smooth able cheeks love you.

    Here’s to a fantastic and productive May!

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