Christmas in July Pitch Contest Entries are Up Today! (That Means Mine, Too!)

Xmas in July post headerA quick post today to encourage everyone to stop by the two blogs hosting the Christmas in July Pitch contest, Ruth Lauren Stevens and Michelle Krys. If you’d like to read my entry, here’s the link directly to it here. Please save your comments on the contest site until the 20th. Only agents are allowed to comment for the next two days. Instead, show your support by posting comments here or by following the Twitter hashtag #XmasinJuly. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on how I’m doing as much as possible. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Christmas in July Pitch Contest Entries are Up Today! (That Means Mine, Too!)

  1. After a very busy Day One, many agent requests were made, just not any for my entry. Actually not many for the Middle Grade entries overall. Only three out of the eleven MG entries received any requests. Young Adult entries fared much better with fourteen out of the nineteen YA entries receiving requests. We’ll see how Day Two goes as agents are still visiting. A few surprise agents have stopped by already as well, including Peter Knapp and Victoria Marini,

  2. I looked again and saw one comment. Did you get anything directly? I have a question for Sophie: Do kids still say “jinks” when they say the same thing at the same time? I am sending another email with a special picture for you and Sophie. HN

    1. Today anyone can comment on the entries, so another writer posted something on mine.

      As for the Sophie question, she said it depends on the age. For elementary kids, maybe even up to sixth grade they still do, but not any older. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Day Two in the contest was another busy one, although still not much love for the MGs. It has been an interesting contest, though, and i’ve enjoyed being a part of it. the critique of my query and first two pages from ruth alone were so worth it. to see my entry and the other worthy entries, hop on over and check them out.

    there were a record of requests at 73 from about twenty agents. that broke the record of 39 requests from last year’s event. pretty exciting stuff. one entry received 15 requests alone. outstanding!

  4. all comments and requests are finally posted. in the end, a record 81 requests were made, which doubled last year’s contest requests – quite a fantastic response from the agents. the same number of entries still remained partner-less, mine included. i did receive some nice comments from other writers, which was encouraging.

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