January #writemotivation week 2

writemotivation_header1Just a quick post to update on my goal progress. We’ve had a few family birthdays this week, but other than that, nothing major. Plenty of time to get work done.

Here are my #writemotivation goals for the month:

  1. Move MG novel into Scrivener and plot out all revisions still needed. Bonus points for finishing it and sending it off.  Only have five more chapters to finish, which is pretty exciting. I meet with my critique group this next week – always one of my favorite days of the month. That should help me finish one of my chapters out.
  2. Make progress on first draft of new YA project. I’ve moved this project over into Scrivener and started plotting out the new direction. I’m really excited about this project. This will be my sole focus next month when I’m submitting my other projects.
  3. Prep and plan out all blog posts for the next month. Bonus points for sketching out posts for February. January is pretty locked. Still working on February. I have a guest post to prep this next week. Very exciting.
  4. Read at least four books. Little slower on my reading this week. Still on book two, but making steady progress. Hoping to make it through to book three soon.

And my major stretch goal, as some of my fellow writers are calling their bonus goals – submit my completed YA to at least five agents. I do hope this stretch goal sees some action soon.

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