February #writemotivation week 3, Post 1 (I think that says it all)

writemotivation_header1If you read my last post you’ll know I’ve been slowly recovering from the flu. I have literally been sick this entire month. I am sick to death of being sick. I’ve coughed so much that I’ve damaged my vocal chords and I have no voice to speak of. I’m sure it’s temporary, but it makes it very inconvenient when I’m trying to rant in traffic at the chaotic drivers only to have my ire come out like a squeaky toy mouse. Kind of takes the punch out of my road rage. Probably for the best.

As you all may know, life doesn’t slow down for illnesses, and some very interesting things have happened to me during my quarantine. I was offered a job out of the blue and I received a full manuscript request from an agent.

The job is mostly part-time for the Autism Center of Tulsa, which is a fantastic organization run by two great women I’ve known for a long time. The work will be helping out with their website and later on maybe branching out with some other social media work. So far, it’s been really fun, but time consuming, especially trying to cram work time in while running a fever and hacking my brains out. Thankfully, they are really flexible and very understanding.

The manuscript request is going to effect my initial goals this month, as this will now be my first priority. Since I am no longer hopped up on cough medicine, I can focus on the agent’s suggested edits. I want to get a thoroughly polished draft out to her as soon as possible.

Here were my #writemotivation goals for February before life intervened:

  1. Plot out new story arc for Amazing New YA project (PV), flesh out characters, and then start writing out first draft. Stretch Goal: Make past the halfway mark or 40,000K words, whichever comes first. This will have to wait until after I make revisions to my YA manuscript for the agent. I may get to this before the end of the month, but it may have to wait for March.
  2. Prepare conference critique submissions and send off. Done! Luckily I did eek this out before the deadline last week. Most of the work was done before I fell ill, which really helped.
  3. Submit completed manuscript(s) to five agents a week. I have not sent anything out this month due to my altered mental state and poor physical health. I hope to work on this goal this week.
  4. Read 4 books. Stretch goal: read 7. Sad, sad progress. One book so far this month. Pitiful! I have picked up a new book since I started feeling better. Maybe I’ll get through two books this week.

Can you believe it’s already time to sign up for March? GAH!!!

I hope you’ve made more progress on your goals this month than I have. And as a public service message, don’t be like me; please get your flu shot. Today. Trust me, you don’t want this year’s bug; it is just awful. Take care, my fellow writers, and keep writing!

17 thoughts on “February #writemotivation week 3, Post 1 (I think that says it all)

  1. Valerie, you’re doing really well considering you caught the flu. I had my flu shot, but still caught it in late December. But I recovered MUCH more quickly than my coworkers who had not gotten their shots. Glad you are feeling better. Mentally strenuous tasks like writing and reading are so much harder when you’re sick. Congratulations on the job and the manuscript request! I’ll be cheering for you and watching for your updates. 🙂

    1. thank you so much and thanks for stopping by, amy! you’re so right; it was hard to keep my eyes focused on the page when i couldn’t stop coughing for two minutes. it was exhausting. i learned a valuable lesson; always get the damned flu shot.

  2. Writing when you’re sick is no fun. I always end up making my characters moody and annoying, then scrap everything I wrote anyway. HA! Sometimes it’s better to just chill, give yourself time to heal and regroup! Feel better!

  3. Congrats on your new job AND your request! YAY! *sprinkles you with cookie confetti*

    Good thing goals are malleable! So sorry to hear you’ve been sick the entire month! I do hope you’re on the mend now! Getting enough energy just to get out of bed can be all that you’re capable of when your sick. So don’t worry too much about accomplishing EVERYTHING! ❤ You've still made progress and got some good news in the process!

  4. It’s a great step forward! Good luck with the revisions and I hope you get to feeling back to your old self!

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