June #writemotivation Check In Number 3


This month was quite the mixed bag as far as goal progress has been concerned.

To be honest, life has been throwing me some wicked curveballs lately, which has made just getting out of bed and taking a shower a major accomplishment. After another challenging week, I think I’m finally over the worst of it.

(* fingers crossed* and recognizing I’m totally tempting the fates by saying that.)

Here are my June goals:

1. Make word count goal of 2000 words five days each week. Nope. Total failure.

2. Complete requested project by the end of the month. Same. Not completed. Moving this to top priority – basically living, breathing this project – for next month.

3. Plan blog posts for the month and post weekly. COMPLETED! YAY! 

4. Read & review at least two books. Read total of seven books, and reviewed one. Overachieved on first part and I get partial credit on the other.

Overall, a very wobbly start, but at least it was a start. I know I’ll do better next month, and I’m already planning out how.

How about you? Do you need help sticking to your goals?

If so, why not join us? Sign up for July #writemotivation is open now! Click here if you’d like to join in.

4 thoughts on “June #writemotivation Check In Number 3

  1. You set goals – WINNER!
    You met some goals – WINNER!
    You didn’t quite meet some goals – ALMOST A WINNER!

    That’s THREE WINS!

  2. I know as soon as I set goals then the gnomes of defeat gather to undue my efforts. The only goal I have this summer is to sit down, shut up, and write. No more excuses about how I don’t have time or energy because of school. So far I have managed to get s couple of projects out and start a new one. The goal of getting a book published is always the banner number one hope.

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