July #writemotivation Check In Week 1


Another month, another chance to work on those writing goals and cheer on my fellow participants of #writemotivation. If you missed the sign up, you can still follow along with the hashtag on Twitter any time you need some encouragement.

For me, I’ve cleared the decks of all distraction and I’m keeping it simple this month. Less stress, more focus.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Here are my goals for July:

1. Work on requested project until completed! Work in progress, full steam ahead. Yay, progress!

2. Plan out blog posts for month and publish weekly. Posts are planned out and on track. 🙂saveyou_bg

3. Read & review at least two books this month – catch up on TBR Challenge. I’ve started my first TBR Challenge book of the month, I WILL SAVE YOU by Matt de la Peña. This is his self-proclaimed “sad book”, which should be quite different than MEXICAN WHITEBOY. I really enjoyed that book. So far, I’m hooked on this one, sadness and all. 

So how is your month progressing? Any goals for your writing?