July #writemotivation Check in Week 2


After a wonderful conversation with my best friend this week, (Thank you David!) I finally found myself in the right head space to get to work, and get to work I did!

Yes! Words were written, plots twisted, characters tortured! It felt fantastic. I’m so happy to have cleared away the life clutter. Now, I’m able to focus on what I truly love to do.

Here are my goals for July:

1. Work on requested project until completed! Progress made! Research done for the moment and new words written for the week. YAY, new words! I have critique group this evening, so I’ll get some feedback on earlier chapters – always helpful.

2. Plan out blog posts for month and publish weekly. Done!

3. Read & review at least two books this month – catch up on TBR Challenge. In progress. I’m a little behind on my reading, but I hope to catch up and post my first review early next week.

How’s your month coming along? Feel free to vent, celebrate, etc. No judgment zone here.

As always, if you missed the sign up this month (or aren’t quite ready to declare your goals publicly), you can still follow along with the hashtag #writemotivation on Twitter any time you need some encouragement. They are a fab group of supportive people.

Have a productive week!

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