Writing Goals, Seriously.


Now that I am starting to get my sea legs here in cyberspace and my writer’s platform has its ground floor anchored, it’s time to turn my main focus back to actually writing. In order keep my butt in the chair revising and not surfing or stat-checking, I’m joining the #writemotivation goal-check month of March. It’s simply a matter of setting writing goals and checking in weekly to report my progress. I find I do much better with reaching my goals if I have a deadline or if I let others know how I’m doing. Maybe you are the same. If so, sign up at the link listed above.

Here are my goals for March:

  • Complete my novel revision
  • Post two blog entries each week
  • Update my journal project and keep it current

Today is the last day for signing up officially, but feel free to make your own writing goals and follow along.